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New York Class B Airspace Hudson River Exclusion
Hudson River Kneeboard .PDF
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After taking off from the Linden, NJ (LDJ) airport with my freshly rented 172 from the local flight school, Pegasus Flight School. I flew East towards the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, known as the VZ in controller lingo. Over the VZ at 1500 feet I headed North up the East side of the Hudson River to the George Washington Bridge BWG. Turning South and climbing to 2000ft. I flew back down the Hudson to The Statue of Liberty known to the locals as The Lady. Don’t call her that on the radio though as the controller may correct you. I circled The Lady twice then headed back to Linden through the Linden transition under Newark Class B airspace. It was quite interesting travelling the “Corridor” under the new flight rules.